India was the star attraction, a land of fascination, in 14th -15th century as Indian spices were the most sought-after ingredients in food preparations. Europeans risked their lives in those days to reach India and procure Indian exotic spices. The story of spices is indeed very spicy, fascinating and full of adventure & courage of fearless European navigators on sea route to East, along the coast of Africa and Malabar and Southern coast of India. Spices were so precious; they were used as currency for trade, which led to wars among European states. This search is over now. We at K.P. have a fairly long history of experience, knowledge and dedication for quality in the trade of spices & seeds. Considering our active involvement in the market from almost 50 years including three generations, we declare with confidence, ‘We know our onions'. When you deal with K.P., you know that you're dealing with a company of repute, experience and knowledge. The products delivered are of world class quality, meeting all international food and agricultural standards. Spices and their seeds are natural products which usually vary in quality depending upon the geographical area where they are grown. To ensure consistency, here is a company that is fully integrated vertically - from farms to warehouses to processing units to delivery points. Thus, the company possesses its own infrastructure from A to Z. Our total involvement at all stages from plantations to processing, quality checks, storage & maintenance of storage areas, sterilization, fumigation, transportation, distribution etc. makes us a reliable partner world over. Our strategic location - Unjha (N. Gujarat), which is the cradle of world's spice market, is the unique advantage for our overseas buyers.



World is our Palate
As our presence expands around the globe, the world shrinks and becomes our basket to choose the best from the selection of raw materials and services. Our experts travel the globe and try to source the very best of spices from the corners of the globe to bring the very best to the customer palate. Our international Associates at Canada, Dubai, Australia help us to set this process at the optimal cost and delivery schedules.

WAR - We Are Ready to be the best
- We have the In House Processing Facility to cater to specific Market /Customer needs in terms of Product, Packaging & Delivery schedules with GMPs in place.
- Export container stuffing facility at factory to assure sound delivery at destination.
- Professional Service with regular communication on Market situation, Price movements/ Order Execution /Cargo-Documents movement etc. to facilitate real time decision making for the buyers.

Market Intelligence
Practicing "Win Win" philosophy as a culture, the group believes in sharing its knowledge base with clients; this includes, market data, reports of demand-supply-price movements, and the overall competitive landscape.

Post shipment Service
The customers are regularly updated on processing , shipment plan, cargo movement, sailing of vessel & with regular tracking till the deliveries, to make the deal profitable to parties concerned. Own warehouse machine cleaning facilities and Stuffing facilities at Shree Shipping company enable us to manage Post shipment service with aplomb!