Our Vision

To become a global food conglomerate that focuses on innovation for improving farm yields, supplies organic agricultural produce and ultimately, leads towards building happier and healthier communities.

Our Mission

To keep sustainability in our heart while providing premium quality goods to consumers who want to do their part to change the world.

Core Values

  • We at KP Group believe that success depends on building long term connections with all our Stakeholders by procuring and supplying high quality products.
  • Food safety is the responsibility of every person in the organization.
  • To ensure that we play a key role in the overall prosperity and welfare of the agri-producers from whom the raw materials are procured.
  • To work with Global Partners by providing value-added agricultural products at best prices with complete transparency of process.
  • To create a sustainable work environment where employees can feel at home.
  • To strengthen our commitment to be a socially responsible organization with a focus on renewable resources for production of goods.


KP Group of companies was founded by Kantilal Pransukhram Nayak in the year 1962. KP Group celebrated its 50th anniversary as a spices and psyllium supplier in 2012. Today, the group is helmed by its second and third generation leaders. Ramesh Nayak heads its local operation under the banner of KP & Co, while Ashvin Nayak, who started KP Group’s export-oriented company, Kanaiya Exports Pvt Ltd, in 1992, is focused on supplying spices across the world. Jitendra Nayak, who joined the group in early 2000s, has been instrumental in helping Kalpesh Corporation become a market leader in processing and packaging of psyllium products. The group was recently joined by Parth Nayak, who came back to India after completing his postgraduation in finance from Boston College in the USA.



Kanaiya Exports Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1994 with the exports of Sesame, Cumin, Fennel, Coriander and Psyllium seeds as its focal point. It has established its network in over 85 countries across the globe. It is recognised as a credible partner for the supply of spices and is well known for fulfilling the requirements of several clients having varying origin, stature and specifications.


The company has been recently established to focus on the herbs and psyllium segment. The entity is also in the process of establishing its own separate unit.


Activ Organic is a sustainable initiative undertaken by KP Group to focus solely on the procurement of Organic farm goods. The firm is based out of Rajasthan and works closely with the farmers at the grassroot level. The entity works jointly with the flagship group company Kanaiya Exports Pvt. Ltd to cater to the needs of clients worldwide who import Organic/IPM produce.


We at K.P.Foods have a fairly long history of experience, knowledge and dedication for quality in the trade of spices & seeds. Considering our active involvement in the market from almost 60 years including three generations, we declare with confidence, ‘We know our onions'. When you deal with K.P., you know that you're dealing with a company of repute, experience and knowledge. The products delivered are of world class quality, meeting all international food and agricultural standards.
Spices and their seeds are natural products which usually vary in quality depending upon the geographical area where they are grown. To ensure consistency, here is a group that is fully integrated vertically - from farms to warehouses to processing units to delivery points. Thus, the group possesses its own infrastructure from A to Z. Our total involvement at all stages from plantations to processing, quality checks, storage & maintenance of storage areas, sterilization, fumigation, transportation, distribution etc. makes us a reliable partner world over. Our supplier companies have a strong base in India and our promoter Mr. Ashvin Nayak is a renowned name in the world of spices having had an experience of more than 30 years in the field and held many prestigious positions in both trade and governmental organisations.


Kalpesh Corporation is a food processing company based out of Unjha in India. Established in the year 1991 with business focus on processing of psyllium husk & powder, Kalpesh Corporation is equipped with state of the art plant and machinery for supplying high-quality products. Technically qualified and trained manpower manage this facility which ensures processing in tune with international standards of GMPs and process monitoring & control for quality assurance.