As suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients, we follow ICHQ7 guidelines in our plant and we are also a BRC Issue 8 certified entity. Our state-of-the-art facility houses Buhler’s Cleaning & Sortex Unit. Furthermore, our entire plant area is Epoxy coated and Epoxy colored, this facilitates cleanliness and helps us uphold high standards of hygiene throughout the facility.
In the final dispatch area, Sealing Machines and Stitching Machines are in place to ensure that minimum human touch is needed in the final packaging of goods. Further, to ensure a pest free environment we take help of a government approved agency for regular pest management in the surrounding structures and rooms. Keeping in mind our core values, we take pride in the usage of Solar Energy to fulfil more than 20% of the plants’ power needs.
These are just some elements of the holistic process we follow to ensure that quality goods are delivered to our business partners around the globe.
  • Buhler Cleaning Unit
  • Buhler Sortex Machine
  • De-Husking Unit
  • Winnowing Unit
  • Pulverizing Unit
  • Packing Unit
  • Packing Material Room
  • Finished Goods and Dispatch Area
  • Kice Aspirator
  • Air Classification System
  • Batching System
  • Blender Unit
  • Auto Weighment and Direct Bag Filler
  • Own Vehicles for Local Transportation